Getting married in Umbria is the most romantic option you can ever make for your wedding day. We are completely sure of it.
Many couples from all over the world have celebrated their wedding in this particular and unique Italian region already, realizing their wedding dreams.
There are a few more things you need to know before you start organizing your wedding in Umbria… but don’t panic, we are here to help you!
The first point to consider is the time of the year when it is optimal to get you married. Good news: the climate in Umbria is excellent in any season!
Choosing the right month to get a wedding, however, is a totally unique decision making process: some of our Hosts wanted to feel a very authentic and indeed truly “Italian feel” for their wedding… and showed that a wedding in winter in Umbria is just as lovely and more romantic than a wedding in more popular months. The charming and beautiful and beautiful poetic region of Umbria is a stunning setting for a very special and romantic escape of love! Can you imagine… the gentle, picture-perfect lights of an evening sunset in early Winter… the aroma of the crackling fire and the enchanting beauty of Xmas lights…? Pretty dreamy, isn’t it?

Another highlight is the location: a 17th century Villa

Umbria is again and again the ideal scenario to experience your wedding like a fairy tale!
Le Tre Vaselle Resort & SPA in Torgiano is an outstanding and unique prime venue where your wedding reception can be accompanied by an exclusive party.

If you love genuine, fresh Italian food and wine, you may consider the ancient villas located in Torgiano where you can enjoy the best medieval atmosphere in Umbria.Our resort is perfect for a winter wedding event with a welcome dinner on the day of your arrival, the wedding ceremony the next day and a good-bye lunch before your departure!

Le Tre Vaselle Resort & SPA wedding venue for your special day in Umbria.

Whether you are interested in a religious or civil ceremony, it is best to think about it in advanced as there may be paperwork to be done. Our dedicated wedding party team is at your service to make the processing of the formalities easier and faster.

If Umbria is your choice for your perfect destination weddings and you require help to make it all perfect…you are in excellent hands!
We can give you all the necessary details and lead you through all the required stages to arrange the wedding in all its details.

If you would like to plan a memorable escape of love in Italy, then contact us with your ideas and to provide us with your vision. We will be delighted to assist you in making the big wedding day of your heart’s dreams come true!