Are you wondering where to stay for Umbria Jazz 2024?
If you are looking for a hotel with spa, restaurant, pool surrounded by the beautiful Parco degli Ulivi, in a place away from the city crowds, but only 15 minutes drive from the Umbria Jazz venues, you have arrived at your destination: Le Tre Vaselle Resort & SPA.

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If you book directly with us, your 1-hour admission to the SPA is free.

We are featured in the best travel guides, and we are proud to say that we represent the pioneers of luxury hospitality in Umbria, an iconic resort within a 17th-century mansion where you can peer into the ancient basements that are now wine cellars for tastings of fine wines. Our resort is located in Torgiano, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Wine tastings can also be done at our two restaurants, Le Melograne Restaurant and Alla Vecchia Fornace Restaurant. Le Melograne is our Gourmet restaurant that offers real Percorsi di Sapori, guided menus paired with wine tastings. Le Melograne Restaurant is by reservation only.

A touch of wellness is always welcome. Le Tre Vaselle is home to bellaUve SPA, the first spa in Umbria to offer vinotherapy.

Jazz, fine dining, wine therapy, a refreshing pool, a stay in the medieval village, can you imagine a better mix?

The resort is strategically located in the center of Umbria and close to all the main roads that crisscross the region, making it perfect for reaching all the art cities of Umbria, Perugia and its Umbria Jazz, but also Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Deruta, Todi and Orvieto.

Discovering the rich history of Umbria Jazz: A musical journey to discover the birth and early years of this extraordinary event.
Now that you know that staying with us is the best choice for Umbria Jazz, you can relax and delve into the history of the event.

Umbria Jazz was born in 1973 when a music enthusiast-Carlo Pagnotta-had the idea of bringing world-class jazz performances to Perugia, the capital of Umbria. With its historic streets as a stage, the event in Perugia provides a unique atmosphere that can deeply bond artists and audiences.

Umbria Jazz 2024 and the evolution

Looking ahead: the future of UmbraJazz
As the years go by, UmbraJazz continues to evolve and adapt to the current music scene, striving to offer consistently outstanding performances with established artists and emerging talents able to enchant us with their sonic prowess. With its rich history and solid reputation, the future of Umbnria Jazz aims to maintain its impact on jazz culture globally, keeping its roots firmly planted in the hearts of music lovers in Italy and around the world.

The story of Umbriajazz is a tale of an event steeped in passion, musical excellence and unforgettable moments. Make it even more special with a stay at Le Tre Vaselle Resort & SPA.