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Percorsi di Sapori:
Menù Acqua e Menù Terra

At Le Melograne Restaurant, Guests will be delighted by the fine cuisine of Chef Andrea Salvatore Perretti. Our sommeliers have designed refined wine pairings for each and every course. Advance reservations only.

Menù à La Carte
Alla Vecchia Fornace

At Alla Vecchia Fornace Restaurant, Guests can taste the flavors of haute cuisine in a casual setting. Chef Andrea Salvatore Perretti and his kitchen team delight you with the Menu à La Carte that tracks the rhythm of the seasons.

Light Lunch
Al Bar degli Ulivi

Guests at the Bar degli Ulivi can enjoy unwinding in the shade of the centuries-old Olive Trees that surround our pool without missing out on the taste path offered by the mastery of Chef Andrea Perretti thanks to his Light Lunch d’Autore.

Le Melograne

Le Melograne is the Gourmet Restaurant of Le Tre Vaselle Resort&Spa. Situated in the main building, close to all services, it is built in the master Hall of the palace that belonged to the Baglioni family in the 17th century. An elegant-looking fireplace acts as a backdrop for a room full of majestic ceiling arches, which give a cozy but elegant atmosphere to the structure. It can host up to 80 people at the same time, thanks to the Sala Baccante, a room often used for private dinners, and to the convenient external terrace.




Alla Vecchia Fornace Restaurant

Restaurant “𝐀𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐕𝐞𝐜𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐚 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐜𝐞” is glad to welcome you to its dining rooms on two levels. Immerse yourself in Umbrian history: the dining rooms of our restaurant were created inside an ancient kiln for cooking pottery. Inside, still intact, is the last load of “Cocci,” everyday-used pottery produced until the middle of the last century. Our Chef will delight you with his delicious dishes prepared with high quality ingredients, with a preference for local products.



Bar il Fauno 

The Bar Fauno, open 24/7, is situated in the main hall of the 17th century house. With its relaxing atmosphere, it is the perfect place for friends and family to meet and chat. Here you can enjoy a morning coffee.

During the afternoon, it is ideal for a cup of tea or hot chocolate with pastry; before dinner, you can drink a good glass of wine or enjoy one of our cocktails.

Bar degli Ulivi

The Bar degli Ulivi is located in the outside part of the hotel, near the pool and the secular olive tree garden. It is open during the summer season, from june to mid-october. It’s the perfect place to enjoy peaceful quiet and regenerate with the scents of nature.

It is ideal for a light lunch by the pool, with fresh and delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. External pool and related services are available for non-resident guests only on request.


Chef Andrea Salvatore Perretti